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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is this an early mockup of the New York City FC logo/crest?

MLS announced the addition of New York City FC to Major League Soccer as a 2015 expansion team

 Is this an early mockup of the New York City FC logo/crest?

As first reported in this story we did on New York City MLS expansion, a 2007 video was found on Youtube with the title "New York City FC is coming!" and the crest/logo above appeared at the very end of the video.

Additionally, an archival search of on the Internet archive search engine turned up this text as the intro:

New York City, NY – November 01, 2006 – New York soccer is about to gain a significant new club identity. 
The aim: a competitive, professional club which will finally truly represent the great New York City soccer fan identity.
New York City soccer fans do not currently have a high profile professional football/soccer city based club to identify with.NYC world football/soccer fans have been deprived of a true NYC represented team for far too long.The New York City Football Club (NYC FC) campaign believes that an authentic elite player and fan driven club should operate in our city now. A genuine New York City club, not a brand marketing vehicle, not a famous foreign club from another culture and not a historic twenty five year old club from another lifetime but rather a bonefide football/soccer club loyal to diverse New Yorkers of this era. 

We are an International soccer campaign that aims to connect genuine grass roots support with high level professional soccer partners in New York. All stakeholders are united in forming a competitive club that becomes famous for playing fearless, entertaining, attacking soccer; for its passionate supporters and for containing skilful players rooted in the city, New York State, the USA ,CONCACAF and South American regions. And perhaps one day hosts a few genuine world stars (hopefully American by the time we finish). 

NYC FC will be a club with an adult focused fan base who are passionate about their team. One that can build rapidly from grass roots in scale if the demand is there. We plan to be a club that unites the city's youth teams,USL, MLS, European, South American, Central American and Mexican fans support, with new soccer fans under one common NYC club identity.Is the demand there? NYC FC has a growing supporter base which thinks so.This mission is the ambitious start of that vision.We would like you to support us. It’s designed to be your campaign.There is no way we can fully achieve our aims without your support.

It is unknown whether any of this is related to the official New York City FC announced today by MLS (doubtful) but it is interesting, none the less if nothing else than for historical purposes.