Betting tips on the Premier League top four next season

The battle to secure one of the top four positions in the Premier League – and the attendant finance and glamour of the Champions League – is always one of the most fiercely contested issues; and the new season doesn’t seem likely to be any different. There is also a lot of betting interest in this issue, because there are usually several teams in contention, which makes it more interesting for those placing the bets – so with the new season still a couple of months away yet, which sides could be worth a wager to finish in the top four next season? Realistically there are probably only two places up for grabs, as it would be a major shock if either of the Manchester clubs failed to make it. This is reflected in the odds, with United rated around 1/16 at most bookmakers to make the top four, while the odds for City are similarly low.

Interestingly Chelsea are also overwhelming favourites, despite the continued upheavals at Stamford Bridge – but outside of this, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton are all considered competitors for the other place. It would be a big ask for Roberto Martinez at Goodison, and the Toffees would be an outsider gamble at 18/1. Either Spurs at 19/10, or Liverpool at 11/5 could attract the adventurous punter, although quite a few will probably let the season progress for a while and play online casino football games while they wait.

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Is this an early mockup of the New York City FC logo/crest?

MLS announced the addition of New York City FC to Major League Soccer as a 2015 expansion team

 Is this an early mockup of the New York City FC logo/crest?

As first reported in this story we did on New York City MLS expansion, a 2007 video was found on Youtube with the title "New York City FC is coming!" and the crest/logo above appeared at the very end of the video.

Additionally, an archival search of on the Internet archive search engine turned up this text as the intro:

New York City, NY – November 01, 2006 – New York soccer is about to gain a significant new club identity. 
The aim: a competitive, professional club which will finally truly represent the great New York City soccer fan identity.
New York City soccer fans do not currently have a high profile professional football/soccer city based club to identify with.NYC world football/soccer fans have been deprived of a true NYC represented team for far too long.The New York City Football Club (NYC FC) campaign believes that an authentic elite player and fan driven club should operate in our city now. A genuine New York City club, not a brand marketing vehicle, not a famous foreign club from another culture and not a historic twenty five year old club from another lifetime but rather a bonefide football/soccer club loyal to diverse New Yorkers of this era. 

We are an International soccer campaign that aims to connect genuine grass roots support with high level professional soccer partners in New York. All stakeholders are united in forming a competitive club that becomes famous for playing fearless, entertaining, attacking soccer; for its passionate supporters and for containing skilful players rooted in the city, New York State, the USA ,CONCACAF and South American regions. And perhaps one day hosts a few genuine world stars (hopefully American by the time we finish). 

NYC FC will be a club with an adult focused fan base who are passionate about their team. One that can build rapidly from grass roots in scale if the demand is there. We plan to be a club that unites the city's youth teams,USL, MLS, European, South American, Central American and Mexican fans support, with new soccer fans under one common NYC club identity.Is the demand there? NYC FC has a growing supporter base which thinks so.This mission is the ambitious start of that vision.We would like you to support us. It’s designed to be your campaign.There is no way we can fully achieve our aims without your support.

It is unknown whether any of this is related to the official New York City FC announced today by MLS (doubtful) but it is interesting, none the less if nothing else than for historical purposes. 

PHOTO: Landon Donovan Located in Cambodia

If you found yourself asking just what Landon Donovan was up to as the 2013 MLS Season kicks off on Saturday or were curious about his trip to Cambodia you must know that the Zombie MLS-Rumors network extends worldwide. This comes to us from our friend Ung Chamroeun who is the Editor in Chief at Thmey Thmey Online News in Cambodia. 

  Rumor has it Donovan has visited or soon will visit Angkor Wat, one of wonders of the world.

EXPANSION: Making Sense out of MLS New York Expansion - Timeline & History

This story is one we have been tracking for as long as we have been following the league. Almost all the talk these days regarding Major League Soccer's expansion plans centers around New York City.

We have been uncovering potential names of the new NYC club through public records searches of domains and trademarks which MLS registered. We have tweeted our finds out as we discovered them but there was no central place for all of our research.

Many do not know that MLS expansion in New York City is not a new idea. In fact when the league was founded a team playing in New York City in addition to the NY/NJ Metrostars was always in the plan.

The strong rumor is that Metromedia the company which originally owned the Metrostars bought the rights to that 2nd NYC metro area team to avoid competition. However those rights reverted back to MLS following subsequent sales - most notably to Red Bull corporation which has repeatedly stated that it has no problem with a local rival. In fact, they welcome one.

Here is a quick timeline and history of events as they have played out regarding MLS in New York City  - complete with our discoveries:

1994 - Major League Soccer is founded and New York/New Jersey is selected to be an MLS team location

   1994- The club is named Empire Soccer Club.

1995 - MLS develops plan for league - envisions two teams in the New York City metro area.

1995 - With 10 teams in place Empire Soccer Club becomes known as the New York/New Jersey Metrostars after Nike suggests the name Metroflash and Metromedia‘s John Kluge and Stuart Subotnick "re-brand" the team which has yet to play a game as the NY/NJ Metrostars. Metromedia purchases rights to second New York City team.

1996 - Season 1 of MLS begins with the  NY/NJ Metrostars playing at Giant's Stadium.

1998 - The team drops the "NY/NJ" and becomes known simply as Metrostars and crest changed.

                                         2001 - "Empire F.C." was trademarked by MLS. (see below)

                                                    2001 - Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) purchases team from Metromedia. Plans to develop a soccer specific stadium.

                                                    2003 - MLS abandons "Empire F.C." trademark. (see above)

2006 - Red Bull Co. Ltd purchases the club from AEG. Does not purchase rights to second NYC metro area team.

2007 - New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon and holds discussions with MLS on purchasing the rights to a potential New York City expansion team. Team would play at a soccer specific stadium adjacent to the at the time, still to be completed, Citi Field in the 2010 time frame.

2007 -  "The Borough Boys" - A group of New York City soccer supporters advocating MLS expansion into the city proper forms in a similar vein to Philadelphia's "Sons of Ben".

2008 - Global financial crisis happens. Wilpon family loses big in Madoff scandal. MLS plan on hold.

2009 - LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham, long said to have a clause in his contract giving him a discount on ownership of an MLS team is reported in the UK Media as perhaps buying an expansion team in New York City.

 2009 - A group consisting of long time Beckham friend, Paul Kemsley and Eric Cantona announce the "return" of the New York Cosmos with a hint that they would seek to field an MLS team. 

2010 - New York Cosmos and Brazil legend Pelé becomes the club's honorary president.

2011 - New York Cosmos fielded a team comprised of New York Cosmos U23 players mixed with veteran international players from around the world at Paul Scholes testimonial match against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

2011 - Paul Kemsley steps down as New York Cosmos is bought out by an unidentified group rumored to be from the Middle East. 

 - May - News breaks that MLS has a half a dozen sites in New York City for a potential soccer specific stadium including Pier 40 and Flushing, Queens.

 2012 - July -New York Cosmos announce that they will join the North American Soccer League, one level below MLS as an expansion team in 2013.

2012 - JuneWe were first to discover that MLS registered - Buying it former from a domain clearinghouse for $3.188 USD.

2012 - September - We were again first to discover MLS registered trademarks for both City FC and Empire FC with the US Patent and Trademark Office. (see below)

2012 - November - Once again we were first to discover yet another bunch of NYC expansion related domain names which MLS registered a little over a week prior to our discovery:, and

2012 - November - A day later this article appeared which states that neighborhood support has grown  for a soccer stadium and MLS in Queens. 
2012 - December - MLS on the 4th of December held a town hall meeting/presentation in Queens talking up the idea. The Borough Boys were present and the overwhelming sentiment following the meeting was positive with many excited at the prospect of an MLS team in Queens.

2012 - December - Bloomberg News on the 14th of December publishes an article which for the first time makes official what had been rumored: English Premier League club Manchester City is the leading potential owner/investor in the Queens MLS team.

The following video was presented pitching an MLS stadium and the game day experience in Queens:

On the 14th of December 2012 - Major League Soccer trademarked "New York City FC" with the US Patent and Trademark Office (see below).

A quick Google search for "New York City FC" interestingly uncovered this Youtube video entitled "New York City FC is Coming" from 2007. 

 While the video is likely unrelated to recent efforts it does show someone in MLS was thinking of that name as far back as 2007.

At this point is probably a safe bet to assume the next MLS team will be playing in New York City.  

***UPDATED: May 21, 2013 - MLS Officially Announces New York FC will join MLS as it's 20th team. The New York Yankees interestingly are part of the ownership group along with Manchester City.

We will continue to keep an eye on this and any and all MLS expansion, and as we stated, we'll tweet anything we come across as we find it. Follow us on Twitter.

Foreign Premiership players: Canada

In the twenty years since the English Premier League was launched, it has led to numerous changes in the domestic football landscape, with one of the most notable ones proving to be the influx of players from other countries. Opinion has been divided on the merits of this, with some arguing that it has clearly improved the quality of the football on offer as well as increasing the global appeal of the league, while others point to the damage it has done in limiting opportunities for young English players.

However, it is unlikely that anyone betting on matters Premiership-related with sports betting or online casino sites would wager on this situation changing any time soon. Another thing they would be unlikely to put money on would be the notion that Canada will become a major source of Premiership playing talent.

This is not to say that there have been no notable Canadian players in the Premiership era, but certainly the country lags well behind other ones when it comes to the places that have produced the most Premiership imports. There are a number of reasons for this, but probably the most significant one is simply that football is still not really the top sport in Canada, which means it is far less likely to produce large numbers of top players. One notable Canadian player currently gracing the Premier League stage is Simeon Jackson of Norwich City who – having helped that team to gain promotion in 2010/11 then helped them to survive that initial season. He is currently the only regular Canadian first team player in the Premier League.

Prior to Jackson’s arrival, probably the most notable Canadian player in the league was Tomasz Radzinsky, who played for both Everton and Fulham. He enjoyed most success at the Goodison Park club, helping them to a seventh place finish in 2003, and briefly partnering the emerging Wayne Rooney in attack for the Toffees. He proved to be a striker capable of the spectacular, but unfortunately just as capable of squandering far easier opportunities.

2012 MLS Summer Transfer Window Rumor Tracker

The MLS Summer Transfer Window opened on June 27 and will close on July 27.

This list will be updated throughout the window as we find and tweet new rumors.

Follow all of the action below. Most entries include a link to the original source of the rumor/story and in many cases a video of the player in action.

You may sort these entries as a timeline, list, flipbook or most interestingly a geographic map.

Enjoy ZombieMLSRumors. We're still dead but we won't leave you hanging in a window.